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Dee Gardner Scholarship

The Brigham Young University Linguistics Department annually awards up to four Dee Gardner Linguistics scholarships.  Each scholarship is for two semesters, fall and winter.  Dr. Gardner was an outstanding professor in the Linguistics Department from 1999 to 2019.  He made notable contributions in the areas of vocabulary acquisition, second language acquisition and corpus-based studies.  Awarded scholarships are for BYU graduate and undergraduate students in the department majors (Linguistics, Applied English Linguistics, Editing & Publishing and TESOL) who have already completed at least three classes in their major and have interest in fields with which Dee Gardner was involved.  Preference will be given to nontraditional students, including older students, single parents, and parents with special family circumstances. Financial need may also be considered.  If you have financial need, please complete FAFSA prior to applying. (International students may have a manually generated FAFSA/EFC score prepared by Eleanor Roberts in the Financial Aid office. Please be sure that she emails that information to

Scholarship recipients will be informed via email.

Applications closed February 15, 2023.
Next years application will open early 2024.