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Faculty Specialties

Matt Baker Editing, professional writing, content analysis, social media
Suzy Bills Editing, professional communication, publishing, freelancing
Earl Brown Phonetics, phonology, language variation, Spanish
Don Chapman Old English language and literature, history of the English language, research methods, assessment, Japanese
Troy Cox Linguistics, TESOL, ESL, Center for Language Studies, language assessment, technology in teaching, measurement
Dan Dewey Second language acquisition
Grant Eckstein Second language writing, writing program administration, rhetoric and composition, writing center research, eye tracking
Dave Eddington Experimental linguistics, phonology, morphology, Spanish, Utah English, sociophonetics
Dirk Elzinga Phonological theory and analysis, Uto-Aztecan languages
Norman Evans Writing in a second language, curriculum development, language program administration and development, TESOL
Jeff Green Neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, sentence processing, second language acquisition, syntax
James Hartshorn Second language acquisition, TESOL, second language writing, IEP program administration, curriculum development, research methods, measuring language development
Brett Hashimoto Corpus linguistics, forensic and legal linguistics, English grammar, pragmatics, second language studies, vocabulary, language assessment, applied linguistics, TESOL
LaReina Hingson Discourse analysis, language and law, sign language linguistics, rhetoric of discourse, nonverbal communication
Lisa Johnson Sociolinguistics, language and identity, language in migration
Deryle Lonsdale Formal syntax and semantics, computational linguistics, Salish languages, cognitive modeling
Alan Manning Linguistics theory, information design, syntax, discourse/text analysis
Janis Nuckolls Kichwa language, grammar, ideophony, sound symbolism, cultural semantics, anthropological linguistics, evidentiality, language and gestures
Dallin Oaks English linguistics, structure of English, ambiguity, Old English language
Jeffrey Parker Morphology, Slavic linguistics, lexical processing
Jacob Rawlins Editing, linguistic prescriptivism, history of publishing, rhetoric, professional and technical communication
Chris Rogers Language documentation, typology, historical linguistics
Wendy Smemoe Second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, phonetics, speech perception and production, sociolinguistics, Utah English
Joey Stanley Sociolinguistics, dialectology, (Western) American Englishes, phonetics, quantitative methods
Mark Tanner Second language acquisition, TESOL, teacher education, sociolinguistics, technology in language learning, pronunciation pedagogy
Nancy Turley Language change, grammar, history of the English language, sociolinguistics