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Linguistics BA

Human language is a great mystery. How do we use it so well without any lessons? How do we manage to make ourselves understood? It requires a complex coordination that we manage on a daily basis. The linguistics BA major will provide you with basic conceptual tools for talking about human language in an informed way. You will learn how linguists analyze human language by breaking it down into different levels of structure. You will learn to discern patterns and regularities in language that you didn't know existed. Students graduating with a BA in linguistics are ready for a variety of careers as well as further work in MA or PhD programs, as well as professional schools.

Faculty Advisors

Last Name Advisor Office Phone Email
A-C Dave Eddington 4041 JFSB 422-7452
D-F Dirk Elzinga 4043 JFSB 422-2117
G-I Jeffrey Green 4073 JFSB 422-2020
J-L Deryle Lonsdale 4039 JFSB 422-4067
M-O Janis Nuckolls 4055 JFSB 422-3448
P-S Jeff Parker 4050 JFSB 422-5353
T-V Chris Rogers 4047 JFSB 422-4707
W-Z Earl Brown 4052 JFSB 422-3970