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English Language in Britain

Study Abroad Summer 2024

The English Language in Britain program is a hands-on, experiential investigation into the origins and diversity of the English language. On this trip, we will take you to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales in the only Study Abroad program to visit all of the British Isles. In our travels, we will experience the diverse dialects of the British Isles from the received pronunciation in London, to the brogue in Scotland, to the Celtic lilt in Ireland and Wales. Along the way, we’ll teach you the rudiments of how English works and the important features that distinguish English dialects. Churches, fortresses, homes, and burial sites will reveal changes in the English language over the last 1,600 years.

Additionally, we will be investigating how books were developed and published in the British Isles, from the illuminated manuscripts of the Book of Kells, to early English editions of the Bible and through the early development of printing, to the modern publishing powerhouses in London and Edinburgh. During the experience, we will visit major sites in London, such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the Globe Theater, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. As we travel outside of London, we will see castles and cathedrals, publishing houses, and world heritage sites, along with the stunning countryside of the British Isles.

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