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Graduate Student Society

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The Graduate Student Society (GSS) is a student association at BYU comprised of all graduate students across campus. It functions for both the entire university and individual departments. All graduate students in the Linguistics Department pursuing either a Linguistics MA or a TESOL MA belong to the BYU Linguistics Graduate Student Society as an additional benefit of our programs.


The purpose of a graduate student society (GSS) is to enrich and enhance your graduate experience while encouraging your professional development. Participants in our GSS have opportunities for developing leadership and skills, creating networks, pursuing interdisciplinary research, and implementing initiatives that are important for student success in our Linguistics MA and TESOL MA programs.


GSS officers:

Graduate students from both graduate programs in the Linguistics Department volunteer to serve as officers. The number and responsibilities of each officer are dependent on what the goals are for a particular academic year. Usually, this includes a president, vice president, and secretary (among others). They commit to 2-3 hours of work a month.


All graduate students are invited to participate in the events the GSS schedules and to work with that year’s GSS officers to enhance their experience in the BYU Linguistics Department.

Faculty Liaison:

These officers are assisted by a faculty liaison, who is a member of the Linguistics Department faculty. GSS officers and the faculty liaison meet regularly to accomplish the goals of the GSS.

GSS activities:

The Linguistics GSS

  • Provides information about events and activities being held by the university GSS. The activities include professional development seminars, the university-level three-minute thesis competition, and other networking events throughout the year.
  • Plans professional and social events uniquely for the graduate students in the Linguistics Department. These can include professional development seminars, writing/reading groups, student conferences, the department-level three-minute thesis competition, and various social events. 
GSS Involvement Survey
Please take the time to indicate how you would like to be involved or and suggesting which activities/events you would like to see happen.

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