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HUM Research Grants

As part of the College of Humanities' support for experiential learning, Humanities Undergraduate Mentoring (HUM) Grants offer resources for student-initiated, faculty-mentored research projects outside the classroom. Students can apply to the College of Humanities, with a faculty mentor’s endorsement, for up to $1,200 in scholarship funding to support their work. There are typically two application windows every academic year: one in the middle of winter semester and one in the middle of fall semester.

HUM Grant-funded experiences should be high-impact learning opportunities in which student and faculty research interests converge. A significant project with substantive mentoring should lead to improvement in core humanities learning outcomes, such as advanced research, writing, and presenting.


  • Students must be majoring in the College of Humanities and not have received a HUM Grant in the previous cycle (the last six months).
  • Proposed projects must be completable before graduation.
    (e.g., If you are graduating in April, you should apply in the previous fall cycle at the latest rather than winter.)
  • Mentors must be full-time faculty in the College of Humanities. Faculty may only mentor up to two projects per cycle.

The funding request, which will include a project budget, should show how the HUM grant will enable an opportunity (travel to an archive or an academic conference, technology or equipment purchase or rental, time spent, etc.) the student might not otherwise have. Funded projects should stand alone with distinct purpose and outcomes; funding should not simply supplement participation in an existing program such as study abroad.

For more information and to apply, visit The Winter 2024 application window closes March 5 at 10:00 p.m.