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Our Mission

The mission of the Linguistics Student Society (formerly LELS, Linguistics and English Language Society) is to provide learning, research, and job-related opportunities for students taking English Language or Linguistics classes. Our purpose is to construct activities that help these students learn more about Linguistics at the college and around the world. These will include activities that will be be fun and educationally enlightening.

This club will ensure the mission and purpose of the HCSC [Humanities College Student Council] because it will encourage the students to get involved in on-campus activities and will provide friendships with students in their same field of interest.

Upcoming Events

Meet the LSS Presidency

Brandon Torruella


My name is Brandon Torruella! I am a linguistics major and I have 3 minors: computer science, scandinavian studies, and Arabic. Talk to me about any of them, or about my mission language, French! I love folk music and emo music equally and I play the mandolin. When I grow up, I want to buy a boat. That is all.

Sara Mafi


My name is Sara Mafi and I’m from Orange County, California. I’m a senior here at BYU studying Linguistics with a minor in Japanese and plan to be a speech pathologist in the future. I enjoy reading, being outside, and playing volleyball.

Evan Pineda

Social Media VP

Hi my name is Evan Pineda. I'm from San Antonio, Texas. I'm a Linguistic Major with a minor in TESOL. I enjoy hiking and seeing what nature has to offer!! Someday I'll be brave enough to explore the sky via sky diving and the seas via scuba diving! Anything else? Oh, I enjoy cheddar cheese.

Eric Christensen


I'm Eric Christensen, and I'm a linguistics major and TESOL minor who is wicked excited to start his teaching practicum in the fall. I love the humanities, listening to music, making music, reading, writing, and dreaming. I also write the newsletters! My languages are English and Danish, and I'm still working on Japanese and love.

Sean Cameron

Marketing VP

Hi everyone! My name is Sean Cameron, I'm from Logan, Utah and I am a senior in the Linguistics major and a Chinese minor. My hobbies include playing the guitar, rock climbing, and scuba diving. An interesting fact about me is I can count to 1023 on my fingers (I only have ten fingers).

Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jeff Parker is a BYU alumnus who specializes in morphology and Slavic linguistics. He met his wife at BYU, has 4 kids, and loves the outdoors and making very large soap bubbles.

Past Events