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Our Mission

The mission of the Linguistics Student Society (formerly LELS, Linguistics and English Language Society) is to provide learning, research, and job-related opportunities for students taking English Language or Linguistics classes. Our purpose is to construct activities that help these students learn more about Linguistics at the college and around the world. These will include activities that will be be fun and educationally enlightening.

This club will ensure the mission and purpose of the HCSC [Humanities College Student Council] because it will encourage the students to get involved in on-campus activities and will provide friendships with students in their same field of interest.

Upcoming Events

Join us Thursday evenings at 6:00pm throughout spring term in 4068 JFSB for a reading and discussion group! Readings are below and will be updated as the term progresses.

  • 12 May: Linguistics, AAVE, and the George Zimmerman Trial.
  • 5 May: "Linguistic Cleanliness is Next to Godliness--But Not for Conservative Anabaptists" by Kate Burridge, from the edited volume Language Prescription: Values, Ideologies, and Identity, eds. Don Chapman and Jacob Rawlins

If you're interested in coming, please fill out this form so we can learn a little about you and get your email so we can send you the weekly readings.

Past Events