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What's in a Naighm?

Dr. David Eddington investigates what sets Utah names apart.

Dallyn, Breklyn, Bentlee, Brynleigh, Stockton. Names are an important part of language and culture, and Utah names are known for their uniqueness. In a KSL News article and broadcast yesterday, BYU linguist and "professional nerd" David Eddington presented his research on the patterns that set Utah names apart.

Dr. Eddington has shared his expertise on Utah English with both general and academic audiences. His book Utahisms: Unique Expressions, Inventions, Place Names, & More comes out next month, and an academic book on Utah English is also forthcoming. In the meantime, you can check out his YouTube channel Utah Dialect, Utah Accent, which features topics like "sluffing school" and "the maysure of a man is where he puts his traysure."

Check out Dr. Eddington's findings in the full KSL article here.