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The English language major focuses on the detailed linguistic study of the English language as it occurs in actual use across communities and throughout history. Graduates of the English language major should be able to analyze the structure and use of the English language, which includes analyzing sounds, grammar, vocabulary, historical change, social and regional variation, register, standardization, and other social aspects. From the major, students will gain detailed knowledge of the English language and language-based analytical skills.

Career Opportunities

The major will provide a valuable set of information as well as the development of underlying language-based analytical skills for students preparing to enter professions such as law, business, and medicine; for students preparing to be editors; for English and English as a Second Language teachers; and for those preparing to be linguists, philologists, and translators (where English is one of the languages involved).

Faculty Advisors

Last Name Advisor Office Phone Email
A-E Don Chapman 4064B JFSB 422-8738
F-J Brett Hashimoto 4037 JFSB 422-3482
K-O Lisa Johnson 4040 JFSB 422-2938
P-T Joey Stanley 4059 JFSB 422-9168
U-Z Dallin Oaks 4075 JFSB 422-6369